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Join us now and lend your support with an individual membership in RBAW, whether you are now a member of a boating or yacht club, power squadron, or not associated with any boating organization at all.

Individual membership dues are only $20.00 per year, a modest investment compared to your investment in boating. This entitles you to newsletters covering current topics and issues, periodic E-Lerts delivered to your email address, participation in RBAW activities, the right to fly our burgee and wear our logo, and discounts at Fisheries Supply and various other businesses.

If you belong to a boating club, please encourage your club to become a "yacht club member" of RBAW. The membership dues are only $2.00 per active yacht club membership. See our list of Club Memberships.

Your dues help boaters maintain freedom from overbearing legislation. The dues support our newsletter and our experienced lobbyist. The lobbyist provides our Board a continuous flow of information about issues effecting boating.

We serve every boat owner through programs for better boating in the Pacific Northwest.

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Please mail with your check payable to "RBAW" to:

P.O. Box 17063
Seattle, WA 98127

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