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                  State Parks Announces New Moorage Rates for 2015

OLYMPIA – November 2014 – The Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission has announced new moorage rates for mooring in state marine parks. The new prices take effect January 1, 2015.

The Washington State Legislator has directed State Parks to generate additional revenue from its facilities and services to offset the loss of tax support. Moorage fees were last increased in early 2012, and State Parks is taking action to make the moorage program more self-supporting. Even with the 2015 fee increases, the program will need greater long-term financial support.

The price revisions are the result of a market analysis and stakeholder outreach conducted earlier this year. Marine park users told State Parks that enforcement of moorage fees needs to be improved. State Parks is continuing to analyze the program and address concerns.

The revised moorage fees are as follows... The report "Marine Park Study" with information about how State Parks arrived at the new moorage rates is available here...

The Adventures in Boating Washington Handbook is designed to introduce new boaters to their responsibilities for safe, environmentally sound boating practices and to provide valuable information to those who have had experience on the water.

Boaters are encourage to read the material provided and make a commitment to always follow the safety rules when on the water. Boaters also will find important environmental tips that if followed, will help ensure others have the same opportunity to enjoy Washington's wonderful aquatic resources.

Keep a copy of the handbook on board your boat to be used as a ready reference. To get a copy of the Adventures in Boating – Washington Handbook:

1. Order a copy by calling the Washington State Department of Enterprise Services (DES) at (360) 570-3062, or

2. Download a free PDF version for use on your desktop or mobile device. (Large file size may require longer download time)

Washington State Parks - Boater Education Program

Washington State Parks, who is responsible for the state Boater Education Program, recently released data on the total number of Boater Education Cards issued both for 2012 and since the program’s inception.

The Boating Safety Education Bill was signed into law in May of 2005. The Boater Education Card requirement to operate a vessel powered by 15 horsepower or more started being phased in in 2008. The program has managed to stay self-supporting and is not costing taxpayers additional funds.

To date there were 26,272 cards issued in 2012 and a total of 124,409 cards have been issued since the phase in started in 2008.

Boaters are reminded that the age requirement for the Boater Education Card in 2013 is age 50 or younger.

Visit the Washington State Parks – Mandatory Boater Education link…

State Parks and Customs & Border Protection

The Washington State Marine Parks system offers some of the best boating in the United States and possibly some of the besting boating in the world. When combined with water access available on state recreation land managed by the Department of Fish and Wildlife and the Washington State Department of Natural resources there are almost 700 access points available to boaters.

In the past most of the funds needed to maintain and improve state recreation land has been provided by tax revenue from the state General Fund. Because of the state budget crises and the lack of revenue to help support state recreation land, legislation (2SSB5622) was introduced that shifts support to a user-pay approach. This legislation created the Discover Pass which, when purchased, allows individuals to access Washington State Parks and other state recreation land. This legislation was fully supported by RBAW. Information on the Discover Pass can be found by going to

The question for most boaters is how does the Discover pass affect me? In reality, for most boaters it won`t. The Discover Pass is a vehicle pass for admission to state recreation land and will be required starting July 1, 2011.

The only boaters who will actually need a Discover Pass for boating purposes are those who desire to launch their boat on state recreation land managed by Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife or Department of Natural Resources.

Boaters who use State Parks launch sites need to purchase a “Natural Investment Permit” (this has been required for the past several years) and possession of this permit waives the need for a Discover Pass to access these sites.

Boaters who access Marine State Parks by water do not need a Discover Pass. The overnight moorage fee charged at most Marine State Parks is, in fact, a form of user-pay access.

Boaters are encouraged to go to and review all the links to familiarize themselves with fee and permit costs.

For boaters who access Marine State Parks by water, for the balance of 2011 there will, in all probability, be no increase in overnight moorage fees; however, these fees have not changed since 2003 and will probably be reviewed later this year with the possibility of a fee increase in coming years.

Customs and Border Protection (CBP) advises that there are no changes at this time to border crossing procedures or documentation requirements. As a reminder border crossing information can be found at or .

Boaters are reminded that the Department of Licensing (DOL) no longer mails out registration renewal forms and all existing registration expires on June 30th, 2011. More information on registration renewal may be found by going to then click on the State Boating Portal.

Have a safe and enjoyable boating season.

John Dawson
RBAW State Parks Rep

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How to Get Info on Washington Marine Parks and Annual Permits