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Problems with Vessel Titling & Registration

Washington State’s Department of Licensing just recently (December 12, 2016) changed over to a new computer system that collects data from their field offices and many contract Licensing Agencies and generates new titles and registrations for vehicles, trailers and vessels.  It has been brought to our attention that unfortunately, this system is not properly “capturing” the vessel’s existing HIN (Hull Identification Number) embossed at manufacture on your vessel’s transom that uniquely identifies your boat --- but instead is -- in some cases -- generating a RANDOM identification number thus obliterating the only firm legal connection between your boat and this new title.

If you have recently bought a new or used vessel and had it titled or re-titled since December 12, CHECK that the title’s reported HIN matches the actual number on the old title AND on the vessel’s transom; if not, contact DOL immediately for a new title.

RBAW will meet with DOL staff soon, to ensure that this computer problem is solved, AND to find out exactly what steps you must take with DOL to correct titles with improper HIN’s.  Stay tuned for further info….

You are invited to an Upcoming Discussion with DNR on Lease Renewals ...

If your club leases land from DNR for your moorings (home-port or outstation), I suggest that the Thursday, January 5th RBAW meetingwould be a great one for you, your Commodore, and any other committee-members from your club to attend. The staff from DNR's Aquatics division will be presenting the criteria and procedures for lease-renewals.  We are hoping for a robust discussion of the issues. 

Your RBAW officers did discuss at our last quarterly meeting with DNR, the (in some cases) "existential threat" of DNR's continuing call for 7' depth where ever boats are moored.  We asked that DNR be prepared to discuss this policy in particular, especially providing scientific backing, for this lease-requirement (which is above and beyond the demands of regulatory agencies, as far as we can tell...) and indeed under what conditions (such as no apparent vegetation?) this lease requirement might be waived.    

We also have asked DNR for clarification of their emphasis on "shading" from docks/piers, gangplanks and also from boathouses. 

RBAW Board meeting - Thursday January 5, 2017
Seattle Yacht Club - Heritage Room (downstairs)

Social 17:30, Meeting starts 18:00, Dinner 18:30 -- we estimate DNR talk will start about 19:30.
Join us for no-host drinks, then no-host dinner (approx $38 incl tax & tip - always great food!), or arrive about 19:20 if passing on the dinner.

In either case, please RSVP to RBAW secretary Charles Gay by Monday evening of January 2nd at cdgii@aol.com

Regards, Wayne Gilham, President RBAW

Aquatic Lands Lease Guide

Will you be renewing a lease with Department of Natural Resources on aquatics land?
Seeking a new lease?
Seeking to make modifications that impact your current lease?

Check out this leasing guide from DNR...

RBAW and our colleagues from the Northwest Marine Trade Association have instituted quarterly meetings with senior staff at the Department of Natural Resources (DNR). One thing we have asked for is a "no surprises" policy on aquatic lands leases. We've also encouraged DNR to meet early with those who are renewing leases or establishing new ones. We pushed for DNR to produce a guidance document to give Yacht Clubs and other boating organizations a sense of what to expect with aquatic lands leases - and DNR has produced the guide that we have linked here.

Please note in particular the "step by step" information leasing on Page 3, as well as the information that "Most often, changes will not be required until docks or other structures are due for replacement." We have also discussed with DNR the 'stewardship' items on Page 4 of the leasing guide. While they represent the types of desired outcomes DNR aims to achieve with leases, we have been assured they are not rigid, "thou shalt" prescriptive requirements, and that DNR can and will negotiate trade-offs with lessees that are site-specific, realistic, and achievable. Remember, DNR is acting in an "ownership" role of these State lands, not as a regulatory agency hamstrung by rigid rules.

DNR also provided four samples leases with identifying info redacted which you may find helpful...

Lease 1 Lease 2 Lease 3 Lease 4

We hope this leasing guide is helpful and encourage you to contact RBAW Board Officers, or state lobbyist Doug Levy (Levy4@msn.com) with any questions or concerns!