RBAW's 2020 Annual Meeting was held November 14th as a virtual session to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our boating community

Thank you to all those who joined us and made it the largest attended Annual Meeting in RBAW history





11/9/2020 Lakebay Update - Lakebay is back in play!!

Southern Resident Orcas Return to the Salish Sea

Stay up on the latest Orca news on the Orca Network and the new legislation regarding proximity to the Orcas

New Boater Tax Scrapped

RBAW and Senator Christine Rolfes (D-Bainbridge Isl) avoid new annual registration fee for outboard motors.

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Save Trouble with Multi-Year Coast Guard Documentation

The US Coast Guard has announced that recreational vessel owners who wish to renew for more than one year may do so by including additional fees in the amount of $26 per extra year requested when signing in online. For more information, please see Instructions under the Instructions and Forms tab on the

US Coast Guard website.

Have a boat at the end of its useful life?

When your dreamboat becomes a nightmare, a vessel beyond repair, please don't just abandon it. Learn about the right and legal way to get rid of an old boat. 

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RBAW Marine Parks Conservancy Granted 501c3 status!

Conservancy donations are tax deductible! If you have been waiting for the official word to donate and contribute to our Save Lakebay Marina drive, now is the time! If you would like to donate and help, please go to the conservancy website or send your tax deductible donations to:

RBAW Marine Parks Conservancy

PO Box 17591 Seattle, WA 98127

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