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Boaters Avoid New Tax

Senator Christine Rolfes (D-Bainbridge Island) and chair of the Senate Ways and Means Committee reached out to Northwest Maritime Trades Association and RBAW to get our input on a request for a bill, brought to her by an outboard motor dealer in Bremerton, who claimed that he was losing sales because boaters were buying their outboards in Oregon, sales tax free. His solution was to have Washington began charging an annual registration fee for outboard motors. We thank Senator Rolfes, also a boater herself, for bringing this to our attention and responded that we didn’t see a problem that needed to be solved. 

After a meeting with her, and with input from another outboard motor dealer, she has determined she did not need to run a bill. The thing she does plan to do is find out whether the Department of Revenue even has any data on this. We are considering this a “case closed” until or unless the Senator gets back some alarming data from DOR.

Homeland Security & Boating

Who would have thought that recreational boating in the great Northwest could be affected by so many changes since 9/11? To be sure, we have been impacted and the changes just keep coming.

RBAW is in full support of the boater’s role in Homeland Security and we at RBAW are doing our best to keep up with all the new rules for boaters and keep you informed. Be sure to monitor this web site often as well as web sites from other Northwest boating sources, The Waggoner ( and Northwest Boat Travel ( 

Derelict Vessel Removal

We need your help in encouraging legislators support of funding $5 million towards the derelict vessel removal program. It's as easy as accessing the link below and adding your personal information which will automatically determine your legislative district and applicable legislators, and click submit which will transmit our recommended message via email.
Please click on the link below or copy/paste into your browser, read the explanatory background, fill in your name/address and submit.
Thanks for helping us get the word to the lawmakers to reduce the derelict vessel backlog and keep the pressure off attempts to increase recreational boat registration fees to solve a largely commercial vessel problem.

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